March 20, 2009

My Website and Contact Info

To see some of my game console pictures for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, have a visit at My website tells my nicknames and friend codes for my consoles, but I'll mention them here also. Xbox 360 gamertag: Max Limitz. PlayStation 3 PSN ID: MaxLimitz. Nintendo Wii friend code: 2157 0305 6854 1836. See also my Wii game codes on my website.

If you want to contact me about games, the best way is sending me email to my email address or sending a text message via Xbox Live to my Gamertag Max Limitz as I use my Xbox 360 most of my game consoles.

If you want to add me as a friend in one of my consoles, I would appreciate a message telling me a reason, like you want to play a co-op campaign with me or visit my Animal Crossing town or something like that as the friends lists have their maximum number of people and I might wonder "who on Earth is that dude and do I need to remove someone to give him/her space on my list?". Sometimes I clean up and remove people who haven't been using their accounts for many months as that may mean they have a new nickname or they have sold their equipment or something.

Here are some instant messaging nicknames of mine. ICQ: 593921542. AOL/AIM: maxlimitzz. Skype: max.limitz. YIM: max.limitz. QuakeNet: maxlimitz. Google Talk (Gmail voice/video chat): max.limitz. I prefer Google Talk as it doesn't slow down my computer and doesn't take much memory either. I'm not a fan of instant messaging applications and I don't keep my computers open 24/7, so email and Xbox Live is the best way of contacting me.

I'll mention some of my website profiles also: Facebook. Twitter. YouTube.

And here are some of my Finnish language website profiles also: KonsoliFIN.

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