August 18, 2009

PAL-60 Video Capturing

You may want to capture game videos of your favorite games, but some Xbox 360 games are PAL-60 only, so using any composite/S-video capture card won't be as easy as you may have thought as you can see with these three different video capture card tests:

PAL-60 Test: EzCAP 116 USB (Partial Success)

PAL-60 Test: Pinnacle 510-USB (Failure)

PAL-60 Test: Dazzle DPVM (Failure)

You may ask "what's the deal, there aren't many PAL-60 games?". Actually, there are more than you may have thought. I have more than 30 PAL-60 only games:

If you are interested in free video capture programs, I made some videos about them also:

AMCap by Noel


Windows Movie Maker

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