January 1, 2011

Summary For Year 2010

Nothing special happened in 2010: I just relaxed and played whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted. Game-wise most of my time I used with my Xbox 360 playing Mass Effect 1 and 2, Red Dead Redemption, Blur, Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops. During the November 2010 Dashboard update my Xbox 360 Arcade console showed me the Red Ring of Death, so I bought Xbox 360 S (S is for Slim or Sexy or something like that), because I have to have at least one ready to use backup console. Then I bought Kinect to see what's so special about it and got bored fast with it, because it's just too simple for me. I reached 35k Gamerscore and I really haven't paid much attention to boosting it. According to Raptr I used 137 hours with Read Dead Redemption, 113 hours with Halo: Reach, 102 hours with Mass Effect 1, 95 hours with Black Ops and 87 hours playing Mass Effect 2. The 360voice blog says I reached the 500 days streak of using my Xbox 360.

With PlayStation 3 I purchased the PlayStation Plus, which is a bit like a Gold account on Xbox Live. Because I haven't been playing much anything with my PS3 I barely reached Level 3 in Trophies with the help of Gran Turismo 5. In GT5 I got to level 20 to see the pretty dull visual damage system you can see when you crash into something. I think I like Forza 2 and 3 more than GT5. There's much more to tune and adjust in Forza.

I bought a new gadget, iPod Touch, which can be used to listen to music and play games, but it's also like a small mini computer you can use to surf the web when you're watching television or something like that.

On the Web I didn't blog anything with Blogger, but I did post some random stuff to Twitter and Facebook. I didn't add any new videos last year to my YouTube account. With delicious I added more game, movie and television related links. I tried the Party Chat Podcast featuring Stallion83, but it's just too boring. I kept on listening to Major Nelson and the Finnish Pelaajacast. And that's pretty much it.

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