May 16, 2009

Is Three UPSs Enough?

I have three UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) devices in the living room. I'm not an electrician, but it seems like we have power surges too often here. One proof is that my CD-ROM drive, USB hard disk and couple of routers and many light bulbs have stopped working without any obvious reason in a very short time, that is, in a few weeks. Yeah, well, machines tend to break anyway, so that doesn't mean it's the power surges. Another proof besides broken stuff is that my three UPS machines are making a clicking noise every day and that noise should only happen when there is a power surge. At least next time when one of my consoles, routers, USB hard disks or other electric equipment stop working I know it's not the power surge (unless the UPS has stopped working, of course) and I can blame the equipment itself. The reason why I have three UPS devices is that I have five consoles (and one backup Xbox 360), a modem, routers, an SVGA monitor, a television, a digital box (TiVo like machine), three computers, home theatre, printer/scanner and other stuff and I don't need to switch cables whenever I'm going to use a certain peripheral.

My three UPSs on the floor.

In each of my UPS devices, there are four outlets with power surge protection and battery backup and another four outlets for only power surge protection. In addition to that there is also surge protection for Ethernet connection. In the below picture the ADSL modem is connected with the red Ethernet cable to the UPS and the wireless/wired router is connected with the blue Ethernet cable to the UPS. One Xbox 360 (white Ethernet cable) and one PlayStation 3 (gray Ethernet cable) is connected to the router.

Ethernet surge protection in practise.

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